Gamdias Aeolus M2 120R ARGB Case Fan

  • Contains up to 30 adjustable built-in chromatic lighting effects (Including Rainbow, Multi-Color, LED Off, and More!)
  • Supports Motherboard Sync functionality with Addressable 5v 3-Pin RGB Header (ASUS), JRAINBOW Header (MSI), Addressable RGB LED Header (ASRock / Biostar), and Digital Pin Header (GIGABYTE)
  • Three 120mm Trio-Ring RGB Fan Pack)
  • Hydraulic Bearing
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Technical Details

Gamdias Aeolus M2 120R ARGB Case Fan

Package Contents
Remote Control1
Mounting KitYes
Dimensions120 x 120 x 25 mm
Suport Motherboard RGB Sync Connectors5V 3-pin Addressable (Digital) LED RGB Header Only
Trio RingsYes
LED Number22
Connector8 Pin
Fan Speed600 – 1500 RPM±10%
Air Flow56 CFM
Static Pressure1.95mm
Rated VoltageFan 12V LED 5V
Remote Control
Selectable Fan SpeedsYes
Selectable Light SpeedsYes
Selectable BrightnessYes
Dimensions92x46x13 mm
Power ConnectorSATA
Enclosed MagnetYes
Support Fans Number8
Support Addressable LED Strip Number2
Support Daisy Chain Another AEOLUS BoxYes
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Gamdias Aeolus M2 120R ARGB Case Fan

Customize Your Case Remotely

By using the remote control, to easily switch to high or low fan speed, 55 RGB lighting effects including Rainbow, or LED off, making your customization experience more convenient.

Rise and Shine

Trio RGB rings lights up on both side and center of fans, allowing your case to glow from all angles.

One Click, Sync All

Are you ready to get rid off old fashion? AEOLUS M2-1204R supports Addressable RGB motherboard manufacture’s sync software and lighting effect. Unite your RGB effects by customizing your own color and style.

Integrate Your Style

Add up to 8 fans & 2 additional LED strips to the small AEOLUS Box, which is magnetically held and easily fits in the pc case.

String and Weave Your Own Path

With Daisy Chain Topology, add however many fans your pc build requires by connecting multiple AEOLUS Box.

Quieter, Longer Lifespan

By utilizing Hydraulic Bearing, AEOLUS M2-1204R significantly reduces friction noise while airflow generats a high 56 CFM. AEOLUS M2-1204R provides a quiet and ideal cooling performance for your pc build.

AEOLUS M2-1204R Overview

“Exceeding Silence”
Four ARGB fans, AEOLUS box, and a remote controller, are included in this package which will enrich your cooling and RGB customizing experience.

Gamdias Aeolus M2 120R ARGB Case Fan

Gamdias Aeolus M2 120R ARGB Case FanGamdias Aeolus M2 120R ARGB Case FanGamdias Aeolus M2 120R ARGB Case FanGamdias Aeolus M2 120R ARGB Case Fan

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