Gobbler 8888-E Mix Note Value Counting Business-Grade Machine Fully Automatic with Fake Note Detection

Affordable and Compact Currency/Money Counter with Fake Note Detection Digital display with speaking option Error with alert Display color change option UV/MG detection technology Voice alert

  • Detection Technology : IR Sensor, UV Sensor, Magnetic Sensor
  • Detects Fake Note
  • Detects Duplicate Note
  • Detects Cut Note
  • Detects Chain Note
Note : * Store Price may be vary *
Note : * Due to Covid 19 Pandemic order Delivery may be delayed. *

9,550 19,800

Technical Details

Model NameGB 8888-E Mix Note Value Counting Machine with Fake Note Detection Fully Automatic
Counting Speed1000 notes/min
Detection TechnologyIR Sensor, UV Sensor, Magnetic Sensor
Suitable CurrencyIndian
Stacker Capacity200 Notes
Hopper Capacity200 Notes
Display Features
Display TypeLCD
Safety And Security Features
Fake Note DetectionYes
Duplicate Note DetectionYes
Cut Note DetectionYes
Chain Note DetectionYes
Additional Features
Hopper Capacity200 Notes
Stacker Capacity200 Notes




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