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Intex SMPS Techno 450W Power Supply 20 + 4pin Sata


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  • SMPS 450 Watt (24 Pin) , Model No IT-2045S
  • Input Voltage Range 220V AC. Frequency 50Hz±5%
  • Current 4A. D.C Output Voltage: +5V
  • Current: 40A Voltage: +12V. Current: 20A Voltage: +3.3V
  • Current: 28A Voltage: -5V. Current: 0.5A Voltage: -12V. Current: 0.5A Voltage: +5V SB. Curre
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Out of stock

Technical Details

Model No Techno 450 20+4PIN
Connector 20+4pin; 2SATA; 2HDD;1 Fan
AC Input 220V 4A/50Hz
DC Output Voltage +5V, Current : 29A; Voltage : +12V, Current : 18A; Voltage : +3.3V, Current : 30A; Voltage : -12V, Current : 0.5A; Voltage : +5VSB, Current : 2A
Maximum Wattage (at 3.3V & 5V) 85W
tdne Regulation ±1%
Humidity 0-90% RH @ 0-40degC(non condensing)
( L x W x D) 15x11x8.4cm
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Over Power protection Yes
Compatible with any PC for 200W. Yes
Better Efficiency Yes




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