Lapcare Adapter for HP Laptop Bullet Pin 65W 19.5V 3.33A


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  • Volt : 19.5V 3.33A
  • Wattage : 65w
  • Connector : 4.8/1.7
  • High quality adapter with 12months warranty
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Brand Lapcare
Package Dimensions 23.8 x 10 x 6.2 cm
Item Code LHOAES4509
Wattage 65 Watts
Included Components Laptop AC Adaptor
Volt : 19.5V / 3.33A
Connector : 4.8/1.7 with pin inside
Pin Type: 3pin/2pin
Compatible Models Hp Envy 4-1000, 4-1000EN, 4-1000ET, 4-1000SG, 4-1000SN, 4-1000ST, 4-1001ET, 4-1001TU, 4-1001TX, 4-1002TU, 4-1002TX, 4-1003TU, 4-1003TX, 4-1004TU, 4-1004TX, 4-1005TU, 4-1005TX, 4-1005XX, 4-1006TX, 4-1007TU, 4-1007TX, 4-1008TU, 4-1008TX, 4-1009TU, 4-1009TX, 4-1010EA, 4-1010ED, 4-1010EN, 4-1010EW, 4-1010SA, 4-1010SD, 4-1010SN, 4-1010SS, 4-1010SW, 4-1010TU, 4-1010TX, 4-1010US, 4-1011ED, 4-1011SD, 4-1011TU, 4-1011TX, 4-1012TU, 4-1012TX, 4-1013TU, 4-1013TX, 4-1014TU, 4-1014TX, 4-1015DX, 4-1015TU, 4-1015TX, 4-1016NR, 4-1016TU, 4-1016TX, 4-1017NR, 4-1017TU, 4-1017TX, 4-1018TU, 4-1018TX, 4-1019TU, 4-1019TX, 4-1019WM, 4-1020EA, 4-1020EB, 4-1020EN, 4-1020ES, 4-1020EW, 4-1020SN, 4-1020SS, 4-1020SW, 4-1020TU, 4-1020TX, 4-1021TU, 4-1021TX, 4-1022TU, 4-1022TX, 4-1023TU, 4-1023TX, 4-1024TU, 4-1024TX, 4-1025TU, 4-1025TX, 4-1026TU, 4-1026TX, 4-1027TX, 4-1028TU, 4-1028TX, 4-1029TU, 4-1030CA, 4-1030ED, 4-1030EN, 4-1030SD, 4-1030SN, 4-1030SS, 4-1030TU, 4-1030TX, 4-1030US, 4-1031TU, 4-1031TX, 4-1032TU, 4-1032TX, 4-1033TU, 4-1033TX, 4-1034TU, 4-1034TX, 4-1035SG, 4-1035TU, 4-1035TX, 4-1036TU, 4-1036TX, 4-1037TU, 4-1037TX, 4-1038NR, 4-1038TU, 4-1038TX, 4-1039TU, 4-1039TX, 4-1040LA, 4-1040SS, 4-1040TU, 4-1040TX, 4-1041TU, 4-1041TX, 4-1042TU, 4-1042TX, 4-1043CL, 4-1043TU, 4-1043TX, 4-1044TU, 4-1044TX, 4-1045TU, 4-1045TX, 4-1046TX, 4-1047TU, 4-1047TX, 4-1048TU, 4-1048TX, 4-1049TU, 4-1049TX, 4-1050BR, 4-1050CA, 4-1050ER, 4-1050LA, 4-1050TU, 4-1050TX, 4-1051ER, 4-1051TU, 4-1051TX, 4-1052ER, 4-1052TU, 4-1052TX, 4-1053TU, 4-1053TX, 4-1054TU, 4-1054TX, 4-1055ER, 4-1055TX, 4-1056ER, 4-1056TX, 4-1057TX, 4-1058TX, 4-1059TX, 4-1060EZ, 4-1060TX, 4-1061TX, 4-1062EF, 4-1062SF, 4-1062TX, 4-1063TX, 4-1064TX, 4-1066TX, 4-1070EF, 4-1070EL, 4-1070SF, 4-1075ER, 4-1080EE, 4-1080EO, 4-1080EX, 4-1080SX, 4-1090EE, 4-1090EO, 4-1090SE
Warranty One Year National Warranty By Lapcare



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