Lapcare Adapter for Lenovo Laptop USB pin 65W 20V 3.25A

  • Volt : 20V/3.25A
  • Wattage : 65w
  • Connector : USB
  • High quality adapter with 12months warranty
Note : * Store Price may be vary *

900 901

Brand Lapcare
Package Dimensions 23.8 x 10 x 6.2 cm
Item Code LVOADVA4334
Wattage 65 Watts
Included Components Laptop AC Adaptor
Volt : 20V/3.25A
Connector : USB
Pin Type: 3pin/2pin
Compatible Models Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Chromebook N20 N20p Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431, E440, E531, E540; Thinkpad S431, T431s, X240 Lenovo G410, G500, G500s, G505, G505s, G510, G510s Lenovo Ideapad 500, 500S, S210, S500, S510p, U430, U430p, U530 Lenovo Ideapad Yoga S1, 11, 11s, 13, 2 Pro; Flex 14, 15, 15D Lenovo Edge 15 80H10001US 80H10004US 80H1000LUS 80H1000MUS; Edge 2 15 1580
Compatiblity By Part Number Lenovo 0a36258, 0a36270, 0a36272, 0a36262, 0a36264, 0a36261, 0a36271, 0a36265, 0a36273, 0a36266, 0a36259, 0a36260, 0a36268, 0a36263, 0a36262, 0a36269, 0a36268, 0a36265, 0a36267, 0a36266 Lenovo 0b47455, 0b47467, 0b47468, 0b47461, 0b47458, 0a65802, 0b47462, 0b47469, 0b47463, 0b47459, 0b47456, 0b47457, 0b47465, 0b47459, 0b47466, 0b47465, 0b47462, 0b47464, 0b47463 Lenovo 0c19868, 0c19869, 0c19876 Lenovo adlx65nlc2a, adlx65slc2a, adlx65sdc2a, adlx65ncc3a, adlx65ndc3a, adlx65ndt3a, adlx65nlc3a, adp-65xb a, adp-65fd b, adp-65fd ab, adp-65fd bb, pa-1650-71, pa-1650-72, pa-1650-37lc, pa-1650-71if, pa-1650-72if, a065r045l, a065r046l Lenovo 36200124, 36200235, 36200249, 36200251, 36200253, 36200282, 36200283, 36200284, 36200288, 36200291, 36200292, 36200301, 36200302, 36200304, 36200350, 36200351, 36200607, 36200611 Lenovo 45n0253, 45n0254, 45n0256, 45n0257, 45n0258, 45n0259, 45n0260, 45n0261, 45n0262, 45n0264, 45n0265, 45n0266, 45n0267, 45n0278, 45n0313, 45n0314, 45n0319, 45n0320, 45n0321, 45n0322, 45n0358, 45n0360
Warranty One Year National Warranty By Lapcare



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