TYPE C to HDMI Adapter, Aluminum Portable USB C Adapter, Supports 1080p 60Hz, 4K 30Hz, for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Pixelbook, XPS, Galaxy, and More (Not compatible with all the devices having C-Port, Plz Read description & Watch the Video)

Note : * Store Price may be vary *

499 999

Compatible Devices For Surface Pro 7/ Pro 8/Pro X, XPS 15/13/12, Spectre X2/ X360, For Galaxy Tab S4/ S5e/ S6/ S7 and more USB-C devices with DP Alt Mode or Thunderbolt 3, For iMac 2017/ iMac Pro, Mac Mini M1 2020/ 2018, For Google Chromebook Pixel/ Pixel Slate/ Pixelbook, For Steam Deck, MacBook Pro M2 2022/2021/2020/2019/2018, For iPad Pro M1 2021/ 2020/ 2018 11″/12.9″, iPad Air 4 / 5, For MacBook 2017/2016/2015, MacBook Air M2 2022/ M1 2020/ 2018 See more
Connector Type USB Type C, HDMI
Connector Gender Male-to-Female
Colour silver
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12 x 25 x 2 Centimeters
  • 【 Please Read All the Bullet Points Before Purchasing it 】C to HDMI adapters may not be compatible with certain devices that lack the necessary hardware or software support. It’s crucial to consult the manufacturer’s specifications or documentation for your specific device to determine if it supports video output via USB Type-C before attempting to use a C to HDMI cable or adapter.
  • 【 Devices without USB Type-C Port】C to HDMI cables or adapters are designed specifically for devices with a USB Type-C port. If your device doesn’t have a USB Type-C port, such as devices with Micro USB or Lightning ports, it won’t be compatible with C to HDMI connections.
  • 【 Devices with Limited USB Type-C Functionality】Not all USB Type-C ports support video output. Some devices may have USB Type-C ports primarily used for charging or data transfer and lack the necessary hardware or software support for video output via USB Type-C.
  • 【 Devices with Locked or Limited USB Functionality】Certain devices, such as smartphones or tablets with locked bootloaders or restricted operating systems, may limit or disable video output through USB Type-C ports. These restrictions are usually imposed by the device manufacturer or operating system.
  • 【 Older Devices】Older devices that predate the widespread adoption of USB Type-C may not support video output through USB ports, even if they have a USB Type-C port. It’s essential to check the specifications and documentation of your device to determine if it supports video output via USB Type-C.
  • 【 Low-End or Budget Devices】Some entry-level or budget devices may omit video output capabilities via USB Type-C to reduce costs. Always verify the specifications of your specific device model to confirm if it supports video output through USB Type-C.
  • 【 Laptops and Ultrabooks 】Many modern laptops and ultrabooks come equipped with USB Type-C ports that support video output. Examples include MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, HP Spectre, and Lenovo Yoga laptops.


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