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VGA 2 in 1 Out 2 Port VGA Splitter Switch Two Way VGA Video Switch for PC TV Monitor

  • 2 Port VGA switch, Metal box
  • Key-press switch
  • Auto-detect DDC information to get the best resolution for any monitor
  • Non-power
  • 2 PC Ports and 1 Output Control Port
  • 2 press button switch for changing the VGA signal control
  • Supports VGA resolutions up to full HD 1920×1080 and WUXGA 1920×1080.
  • 2 display device share single computer, for the securities market, education and other industries
  • Support VGA, XVGA, UXGA and Multisync display
  • Not support DDC, DDC2, DDC2B
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Technical Details

  • This VGA-15-2C switch box is suitable for ordinary monitor. If your monitor require DDC protocol then the resolution 1920*1080 will not be reached. So please check if your monitor do not require DDC, DDC2, DDC2B protocol, you can get a 1920*1080 resolution picture with proper installing. SO PLEASE KINDLY CHECK ALL TECHNICAL PARAMETERS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE.
  • FUNCTION : Input with PC/Notebook, Output with projector/LCD/TV. Enables multiple PCs/laptops (or other VGA sources) to share one VGA monitor or projector.
  • This VGA switch may be used in security setups where monitoring different areas of a building is required and switching between multiple inputs is a necessity, Ideal for presentations, classrooms, control center, remote monitoring & training facilities.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE : Enable multi computers to share one monitor , projector or, conversely, make two monitors, projectors to share one computers not simultaneously. Fully shielded metal casing and easy to use push buttons; Auto-detect display DDC information for the optimal resolution,No External Power Supply Needed
  • Easily switch single PC between two VGA TVs, monitors or projectors.


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