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WardWiz Essential Pack Antivirus 1 PC, 1 Year


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  • Boot time Scan
  • Heuristic Scan
  • Scheduled Scan
  • Autorun Protection
  • Anti Ransomware
  • Real Time Scanner
  • Anti-Rootkit
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Data Encryption
  • Exclude Scan
  • Custom Scan
  • Auto USB Scanner
  • Data Theft Protection
  • Self Protection
  • Infected File Quarantine
  • Recover Quarantine Files
  • WardWiz Widget
  • Temporary File Cleaner

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WardWiz Essential Pack Antivirus 1 PC, 1 Year

Boot time Scan

Scans and removes threats before operating system get started.

Heuristic Scan

Heuristic scan is technique of detecting harmful files and threats based on their behaviour. It is a very important feature as it protects the device even if the virus database is not updated.

Scheduled Scan

Allows to define scan schedule.

Autorun Protection

Autorun scanner enables you to scan the autorun files before it runs on the device. So it keeps your device protected even if a USB or any other device is connected to it.

Anti Ransomware

Get Next-gen ransomware protection against CTB-Locker, Locky, Petya and TeslaCrypt ransomware families with WardWiz Anti Ransomware.

Real Time Scanner

Each time you receive a file, open, download or copy it, WardWiz real-time scanner will give you the highest level of protection on real time basis.


Rootkits allow administrative access to unauthorized users through any third party application. It hampers the application process; also it helps hackers to steal the information. WardWiz detects, blocks, repairs and permanently removes such malicious program to keep your computer system safe.

Registry Optimizer

The Registry Optimizer improves performance of your computer system. It removes unwanted and leftover entries from software uninstalls, idle entries etc. to boost registry operations and boost the overall performance.

Data Encryption

You can add extra protection to your files and folders by using Data Encryption and Decryption feature. WardWiz encrypted files can be decrypted only through WardWiz.

Exclude Scan

With Exclude Scan feature you can eliminate known safe files or applications that should not be scanned.

Custom Scan

You can create and run a scan to meet your requirements. Simply drag and drop the files or applications that you wish to scan.

Auto USB Scanner

Every time a flash drive is connected to the device, WardWiz prompts you to scan it before you import files from the USB stick. This protects your device from harmful viruses that the USB might contain.

Data Theft Protection

You can prevent data leakage by enabling the Data Theft Protection option which blocks unauthorized transfer of data from your device to an external drive.

Self Protection

WardWiz Self Protection is built to detect vulnerabilities and fix them. It identifies and defends itself from attacks.

Infected File Quarantine

When WardWiz detects threats or infected files, it automatically repairs, isolates and keeps them in the quarantine folder to prevent these files from spreading infection to the computer system and other files.

Recover Quarantine Files

If a document or application is moved to the quarantine folder but it is important and contains necessary data, such file can be recovered using the Recover Quarantine Files in WardWiz.

WardWiz Widget

Displays WardWiz Gadgets UI on user’s desktop.

Temporary File Cleaner

This tool cleans your PC automatically from unwanted temporary files. It removes tracking files, reduces the PC startup time and saves disk space on your computer.

WardWiz Essential Pack Antivirus 1 PC, 1 Year antivirus WardWiz Essential Pack Antivirus 1 PC, 1 Year antivirus WardWiz Essential Pack Antivirus 1 PC, 1 Year antivirus WardWiz Essential Pack Antivirus 1 PC, 1 Year antivirus

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